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The Total Snooze Difference

If you’re having issues sleeping, you’ve likely scrolled, searched, and asked about options about sleep options. We’ve been there!

As sleep apnea sufferers ourselves, we know what it’s like to struggle with sleep.
And to figure out how to find the correct doctor.
And how to figure out insurance and sleep machines.
And how to sleep with a big mask and hose attached to our faces.

We’ve also had loved ones, friends, and colleagues, who struggle with sleep and don’t realize it or find solutions through other holistic and medical means.

Really, we’ve seen it all.

And that’s why we created Total Snooze. With so much information on the internet, it is hard to figure out what you need to do.

That’s why we work with licensed medical professionals who personalize treatment plans for YOUR NEEDS.

No more doom scrolling.
No more wondering if an idea or solution is legit.

Our Total Snooze team makes sleep treatment convenient, fast, and affordable.

You’ll never pay Total Snooze, which gives us the freedom and credibility to ensure you’re given a treatment plan (by a licensed medical provider) that works best for you. 

That’s why we’re able to call ourselves sleep guides. We’re here to help you sleep better – and hopefully simplify the process.

After all, it can take months to see each doctor and figure out insurance.

With Total Snooze, you’re able to test from the comfort of your own home. By using modern technology and devices, our medical partners can screen, test, and follow-up with you to determine a sleep solution that is best for you. And, you won’t even have to stay overnight in the hospital (although we hear the cafeteria food can be great).

And that’s the Total Snooze difference. We’re unbiased guides who simplify your sleep journey through the help of licensed medical doctors. After all, who wants to trust breathing issues to a self-certified Tik Tok influencer (no shade, we love quite a few)!

*** YAWN ***

Are you in need of a daily snooze?

Sleep is central to our physical and mental health, so when you’re not getting it, your overall health suffers.

The tricky thing about sleep is that it can be easily interrupted, so it may be hard to figure out if you’re suffering from the wear-and-tear of daily life or if you have a more serious sleep condition, like sleep apnea.

Some questions to ask yourself are: Do you loudly snore? As in your partner is continuously rolling you over because of it! Do you wake up every morning with a headache or dry mouth?

Are you tired, hungry, and having issues losing weight or treating other conditions like diabetes?

Are you more moody, depressed or irritable?

These are just a few symptoms you may experience if you have sleep apnea. Don’t worry, we have a quiz to walk you through some of these symptoms – and a process to connect you with a doctor who can give you a medical diagnosis if you are suffering from sleep apnea.

The good news is that as your sleep guide, our team makes it easy to get tested for sleep apnea. Our convenient, fast, and affordable process walks you through your in-home sleep test so you can figure out if you suffer from sleep apnea.

You’ll notice that we may reference sleep with less reference than others, but this doesn’t mean that sleep apnea isn’t a serious condition. It is. If you have sleep apnea, please work with your doctor on a treatment plan. The reason we make light of any night’s sleep is only because we know how intimidating healthcare can be to some. We want you to live a better, healthier life. That includes how you mentally approach your sleep.

If you’re experiencing symptoms or think you may have sleep apnea, take our sleep survey to get started!

Sleep Apnea

Early Indicators

If you chronically wake up tired, you may have sleep apnea, a condition that prevents you from breathing consistently throughout the night.

Daytime Sleepiness
High Blood Pressure
Weight Gain
Lesions or caries

It's Time for Better Sleep

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