Set the Stage for Better Sleep

Best Bedroom Products for Sleep

Snuggle Up

Beds for Better Sleep

Here are a few of our recommended items for better sleep. Stay tuned to our blog for more options and customizations based on your sleep.


Try the Zinus cooling or green tea memory foam mattress. Our mattress guide also includes other brands.


Lay your head on the Eden Cooling pillow or Snuggle-Pedic. For more pillow options, visit our pillow guide.

Cooling Pads

Stop sweating at night with the Sleep Zone or Oaskys cooling mattress pad. Find other chill options on our cooling guide.

Weighted Blankets

Reduce anxiety with the YnM or RelaxBlanket. Then check out more options on our weighted blanket guide.

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Wearable Comfort

Snuggle Up in Comfort

We love everything soft and comfy, from pajama to sleep masks. Check out some of our recommendations to help you sleep surrounded in softness.

Many wearable items cater to different preferences, so follow our blog for updated favorites in different sizes, colors, patterns, and materials.


Forget scratchy; the AvidLove and Real Essentials pajama sets are perfect for comfy sleeping. Men may enjoy this David Archy sent and for you nightgown fans, here’s a ratings favorite.

Tracking Devices

While sleep features are still being developed, the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Ring have the best sleep tracking on the market.

Sleep Masks

LKY has one of the best rated or you can enjoy the softness of the silk-like BeeVines mask. The key is to find one that blocks light, but isn’t too tight on your head. If you don’t want a mask, try dark out curtains.

Slippers & Socks

There’s nothing like a cold floor in the middle of the night. Try these comfy house slippers or Dr. Scholl’s fuzzy socks for more comfort.

Set The Stage

Calm Rooms for Better Sleep

Wrapped in comfort and cooled with a mattress, here are our favorite items to give you a more relaxing sleep. From blackout curtains to alarm clocks, our team loves to set the sleep mood.

Bedside Chargers

Storing digital devices away from the bed not only prevents distractions but can make you get up easier. Here’s one of our favorite chargers for multiple devices and a smaller version.

Blackout Curtains

Don’t let daylight get you down. Check out these attractive blackout curtains or go with a ring-style curtain for deeper sleep. You’ll also keep some heat out of the house at the same time.

Wake Up Lights & Clocks

Traditional alarm clocks may be a thing of the past, but check out the Philips SmartSleep Wake Up light, which simulates sunlight or this one with white noise included

Other Helpful Items

We’re always updating our blog with new options and items. You can also check out our favorites on our shop link. Want to share your favorite sleep item? Contact us here.

Sleep Aids

Sleep Tape

If you're having issues sleeping, the first step is to see if you have sleep apnea. If you don't, you can consider other sleep options like the Breath Right nasal strip or Carmex Breath Strips.

Please work with your doctor before diving in though. Sleep breathing can cause long-lasting effects on your health and should be overseen by a medical professional.