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If you’re constantly falling asleep at work or in front of the tv, or if you’re known for snoring, you may have a medical condition keeping you up at night. Take our free sleep quiz to see.

We make it easy to get better sleep

1. Identify Symptoms

Take our quiz and meet with a licensed sleep doctor from the comfort of your home.

2. Take Sleep Test

Take an at-home sleep test to see what’s going on. No more overnight stays! Our test is quick and easy.

3. Sleep Better

Your doctor will recommend a treatment plan because better sleep means better health.

25% of Adults Live Undiagnosed for Sleep Apnea

Snoozing All Day?

There are tons of reasons why you might be tired during the day, but if it is an ongoing issue, you may have a medical condition called sleep apnea. Over a quarter of adults have sleep apnea, but over 80% go undiagnosed.

That’s why we’re here to help! We’ll ask you a few questions to see if you might have a sleep disorder. If it looks like you might, we will walk you through a simplified process to meet with healthcare professionals from the comfort of your bed.

As your sleep guides, we make it easy to understand what steps and the possible treatment costs may be with or without insurance.

And we do this because, as sleep apnea sufferers ourselves, we know how confusing it can be.

Did you know, for example, that CPAP machines aren’t your only treatment option for central sleep apnea? Do you know what doctors you must get a referral from before you can see a sleep doctor?

We didn’t, but we do now! And that’s why our mission is to help you get better sleep and better health.


Poor sleep can make you more irritable, depressed, and tired. But it can also contribute to weight gain, high blood pressure, and other more dangerous conditions. Knowing if you have an ongoing medical condition can significantly increase your quality of life.


By working with licensed doctors, we walk you through the sleep test process and ensure your insurance (if you use it) has all the needed codes without all the headaches. Basically, you can do this all on your own, but we simplify the process, with most patients receiving treatments in 2-3 weeks versus up to six months.

Better Sleep Can Give You Better Health


There are tons of reasons why you may be losing sleep, but if you're chronically waking up tired, with headaches or dry mouth, something else may be going on.



Sleep Apnea



Sleep Apnea Matters




CPAP Alternatives

1, 2, Snooze!

CPAP Not Comfortable?

Some CPAP users don't tolerate the machine or treatment well. That's where Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) comes in. The device looks like a mouthguard or large retainer and is much easier to wear and store.

Dr Julie Buchanan DDS from Total Snooze

At Total Snooze, you’ll work with your doctor to see which treatments are best for you.

88% of OAT patients say their appliances are easy to maintain, according to a NCBI study.

OAT works by pushing the lower jaw and base of the tongue forward and away from the back of the throat.

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We make sleep treatment convenient, fast, and affordable by offering sleep diagnostics from the comfort of your own home.

Our step-by-step approach is made to save you time and money. If your sleep quiz doesn't identify issues, you'll know before you see a doctor and spend money.

Sleep Through the Night

Why We Do It

If you’re having issues sleeping, you’ve likely scrolled, searched, and asked about options about sleep options. We’ve been there! As sleep apnea sufferers ourselves, we know what it’s like to struggle with sleep. We were sick and tired of trying to find the right doctors and treatment plans - and dealing with insurance loopholes that meant our care wasn't covered. We want to share our knowledge with others and ethically help them get the licensed medical care they need.