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Total Snooze

Founded by sleep apnea patients and treatment providers, Total Snooze is on a mission to help you enjoy a better life through better sleep.

We take a holistic view of sleep, making it easy for you to figure out how sleep impacts your health and daily life. So, whether you’re suffering from daytime sleepiness, headaches, high blood pressure, or other sleep apnea symptoms, our goal is to help you find the best medical solution.

Consider us your sleep treatment guides.

Having walked the walk ourselves, we’re committed to helping you through your sleep solution journey.

We do this by making sleep treatment convenient, fast, and affordable with in-home sleep tests, as medically recommended. Licensed medical professionals then work with you to create a treatment plan.

In some cases that may include the infamous CPAP machine. In other cases, it may result in oral appliance therapy. We let the doctor work with you on the best solution while we guide you through a simplified treatment process.

At the end of the day, we know that sleep impacts your mood, body, and mind. To live your best life, you need your best sleep - and we're here to help!

2/3 of our team

suffers from sleep apnea. That's why we're dedicated to finding solutions that fit comfortably and work well with our lifestyles and habits.

Medical Excellence

Co-founded by Dr. Julie Buchanan from Apple a Day Dental, medical ethics are at the heart of our service. That's because we've seen others fit devices without any qualifications!

Your Sleep Guides

Meet the team

The Total Snooze team is made up of sleep guides, who focus on helping you get better, healthier sleep. This includes guides and licensed medical professionals, including co-founder Dr. Julie Buchanan from Apple a Day Dental and our team of doctors at SleepTest.com.

Meet the Providers

Our mission

Our mission is to give you a better life through better sleep. That's why we've tried to simplify the process, making sleep treatment more convenient and affordable, without sacrificing quality. We also love sharing a good tip and trick!


You'll never pay Total Snooze for medical services because licensed professionals perform those services. Prices will range based on your insurance and condition, but we'll do our best to quote potential costs before you're tested.